Automate your e-way bill management process with LogiCloud

The e-way bill provisions in GST aim to remove the ills of the erstwhile way bill system prevailing under VAT in different states. This was a major contributor to the bottlenecks at the check posts.

The e-way bill is bound to improve the turnaround time of vehicles and help the logistics industry by increasing the average distances travelled, reducing the travel time as well as costs.

Why LogiCloud E-way Bill System?

  • Deployment Ready: LogiCloud is ready-to-use system, can connect to any ERP for e-way bill generation
  • Connected to GSTN: LogiCloud is connected to GSTN through secure gateway. No need for your ERP to set-up separate connection with GSTN
  • Pre-Connected to LSPs: LogiCloud is connected to 35+ logistics companies. Apart from e-way bill, get tracking status and POD from all partners
  • Secure System: LogiCloud is deployed on highly secure Azure Cloud environment
  • Pay as you go: Minimum set up charges, Pay only for transaction consumed
  • One Stop Shop: Get Value added services such as LSP tracking, POD management

Check out PPT for more details