Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Thanks for choosing LogiCloud. The terms mentioned here cover your access and use of our services, software application(s), and website.

By using our services, it is assumed that you have reviewed and are agreeing to all our Terms and Privacy policies mentioned as follows. If you are using our services for an organisation, you're agreeing to these terms on behalf of that organisation.

We may modify these terms or add terms at any time if any feature updates or government laws mandate them. You should look at the terms regularly. We will notify you as and when we make any updates.

Extent of Usage

No restrictions are placed on the features of LogiCloud regardless of your usage plan. There is however a limit on volume of usage. You can select a plan appropriate to your usage requirements.

User data

Regardless of your usage plan, all your data (“proof documents”) are stored on our cloud server as long as your account is active.

Since LogiCloud stores a lot of media, we have a time limit of 3 months for its storage, after which it is archived. You can retrieve your data from the archive whenever you wish.

In case of termination of account or for any other reason, you can download your data in bulk at any point of time.

Ownership and accountability

On matters of content ownership, it should be noted that LogiCloud is a tool and cannot be held liable for copyright issues on the data stored within it. It is inherently assumed that all data added by you belongs to you.

To protect your content, LogiCloud has industry standard security measures in place. You are solely in control of the distribution of your data. In extension, only you (“the owner”) and your users are responsible for the sharing of your data and at no time can LogiCloud be held accountable for any data being made available to any unauthorised party.

Please safeguard your login IDs and make sure that others don't have access to it.

Limited liability

In no event is LogiCloud liable for any damages owing to loss of data, profit or business interruption arising out of the inability to use the system. You will be solely responsible for any damages or loss to any party resulting from it.

Product updates

We occasionally release new features. Even though these additions will be extensively tested before their release, there may be a chance that they initially do not function optimally. Do bear the above risk in mind while using these features.

Product support

We strive very hard to provide you with the best quality of service. That said, there are always chances of occasional issues and we are committed to solving them. However, we only consider something as an issue when said feature does not work as advertised.

You can raise a ticket for any issue you face or email us about it. You can contact us at support@myLogiCloud.com. Do note that we may not be able to individually respond to the comments you submit.

Product enhancement

Our services and included products (web-portal and mobile app) are available to you as-is. We do not entertain any unsolicited feature request or idea submissions. However, we do occasionally release updates and may choose to incorporate the ideas we receive. In this case, any idea that you provide to us shall be deemed to be non-confidential and we (“LogiCloud”) shall be free to use such information on an unrestricted basis.

If we need to follow-up on your suggestions, we will have one of our representatives correspond with you.

Termination of services

You (“the owner”) can delete your account (and all associated data and users) at any point of time. Also, your account may be auto-terminated in case of recurring non-payment of dues or prolonged non-usage. In any case, you will be provided with 24 hours to take a backup of your data from LogiCloud before it is permanently erased. Email notifications will be provided to you (“the owner”) twice. (1) 24 hours before your account is set to be terminated and (2) immediately after it is.

Timely payment

Currently, we do not offer an auto payment method. You can elect to make payments monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Account owners and designated managers (optional) will receive email alerts and in-system notifications a few days before the due date of the next billing cycle.

To avoid interruptions in service kindly ensure payment is made on the due date or within the window mentioned above.

Failure to pay applicable fees may result in the interruption of your account usage.

Your latest payment amount and timeline selections become default for the next cycle.

Cancellations and refund policy

You may downgrade your Business subscription at any time with no prior notice. You will still have applicable usage limits up to the end of your current cycle (and will be billed for it).

Payment details can be managed in Account tab of the Settings menu.

Generally, all charges are non-refundable. However, an exception may be considered if there is a good reason for it, in which case, refunds will be either monetary or in the form of usage credits depending on each case. Refund will be on a pro rata basis.

Data privacy

Customer privacy is of top concern at LogiCloud. All information uploaded on our system, is stored securely on our Microsoft Azure based cloud server. None of this data is shared with any third party organisation nor is it used for any targeted advertising purposes. We may use some data for occasional internal research, but only to improve product features and stability. For any additional information, please feel free to contact us at support@logicloud.in